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What is DatCatInfo?

DatCatInfo is the Data Category Repository (DCR) that replaces ISOcat.

The original ISOcat was conceived as an official online registry of information about data categories to support research and development in various linguistic disciplines. It was developed and maintained under the auspices of ISO TC37, with the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, the Netherlands, acting as Registration Authority.

Over time it became apparent that some users would be better served by a concept database designed for data retrieval across large text corpora, which required a different data model than ISOcat. Furthermore, the original mandate to “standardize” data categories within the ISO framework was never fulfilled and eventually was deemed unnecessary in favour of a more open, public, harmonization role.

As a consequence, there was no longer any need for a Registration Authority, and the ISOcat repository ceased to be an ISO project. Leaders within the user community resolved to establish a repository of data category definitions, renamed DatCatInfo, and supported by industry-oriented linguists and terminologists. DatCatInfo is maintained by LTAC Global / TerminOrgs, which is an ISO TC37 liaison.

A concept database has been developed and is available at: https://www.clarin.eu/ccr.

For more information, contact: info@datcatinfo.net